Welcome to your Rosewood Parent Center!  The Parent Center is coordinated by Ms. Christina Disney and she is here to answer your questions.  Your Parent Center works closely with Principal Crowder, LAUSD and the Teachers/Staff to provide family resources and educational support.  Look out for regular workshops that are designed especially for our families, along with communications via our Room Parents and monthly newsletters.  Welcome to our Rosewood community.
Hours:  Monday through Friday, 8.30-11.30am
Approved Volunteers:  We welcome family members to volunteer at Rosewood.  As safety for all our students and staff are of the utmost importance, we require all volunteers to be Approved through LAUSD.  See the Volunteer Application to apply online, and once you have provided verification of your current TB test, our Office Manager will coordinate a LAUSD fingerprint test and Megan's Law check.  Our wonderful Rosewood family looks forward to working with you.
Rosewood Activities:  We have many volunteer activities and encourage you to be involved in as many as you are interested in, such as Room Parents and Parent Center helpers, alongside our many school groups (Example:  Green Team, Friends of Rosewood).
COMMUNITY RESOURCES Parent Center Leads have collaborated with Local District West Parent and Community Engagement Unit to provide community resource information for you.  There is information on food banks, financial assistance, employment opportunities and much more:  https://bit.ly/ldwresources
LOCAL DISTRICT WEST PARENT ENGAGEMENT CONFERENCE RESOURCES The 2021 Parent Engagement Conference workshops were recorded for your easy access and for review in your own time.  Topics include Stress Management and Self Care, Navigating Online Resources to Assist with Student Learning, Family Source Partnership Program, Distance Learning and Students with Disabilities, Supporting your Child During Challenging Times...and so much more!   Go to the Local District West Parent and Community Engagement Unit website to view these:  http://bit.ly/ldwestpace