Student Enrollment Form
Parents/guardians/caretakers wishing to enroll a child in the Rosewood STEM Magnet of Urban Planning and Urban Design must apply through Choices. 
Emergency Information Form
This form provides the school with the required contact information for your child. It includes home/business telephone numbers and addresses, emergency telephone numbers of relatives or friends who are authorized to care for the student in an emergency situation and authorization for emergency medical treatment. 
Publicity Release Form
The Los Angeles Unified School District requests your permission to reproduce through printed, audio, visual, or electronic means activities in which your pupil has participated in his/her education program. Your authorization will enable us to use specially prepared materials to (1) train teachers and/or (2) increase public awareness and promote continuation and improvement of education programs through the use of mass media, displays, brochures, websites, etc.
Acceptable Use Form
The Los Angeles Unified School District requires this form to be completed in order to allow students access to school technology and equipment.
You can come into our office for a complete enrollment packet or apply online: