Principal's Message

I would like to welcome you to our website and to Rosewood STEM Magnet of Urban Planning and Urban Design. Rosewood is also a STEAM Certified school. It is with great pride that I share that Rosewood STEM Magnet, Urban Planning and Urban Design, has received the Magnet School of America (MSA) Distinction Award. The MSA’s National Merit Awards program honors the top magnet schools in the United States. These awards recognize magnet schools that demonstrate commitment to high academic standards, curriculum innovation, successful desegregation and diversity efforts, and consistent delivery of high quality educational services to all stakeholders. Rosewood became a magnet school 5 years ago and we were the first magnet school in LAUSD with the unique theme of Urban Planning and Urban Design.
Becoming a magnet school was an effort by all stakeholders and the success of our school is still based on the involvement and dedication of all stakeholders. Rosewood is the kind of school where both students and staff members love to be! We have a dynamic staff and a wonderful family environment. We set high standards for ourselves and for our students. It is our goal and our wish that you, as families, spend as much time at Rosewood as possible. Make yourselves at home with your students and work together, with us, to provide your child the optimal opportunity for success.
To ensure that all of our HUSKIES have a successful school year, I would like to make some suggestions to help you and your family find that success at Rosewood:

*Get to know your child's teacher(s). Volunteer and help in the classroom or find out how you can help in other ways.

*Have the right attitude. Share your own positive thoughts and memories about school.

*Support student routines. A successful school experience requires sleep and consistent quality nutrition.

*Connect with the school. Read our newsletter and flyers, visit school when you can, and join the Friends of Rosewood (FoR).

*Ask about homework. Support your child by providing a quiet place, a consistent time, and help if needed. Let the teacher know if homework is taking more than an hour on a regular basis.

*Talk about school. Ask about friends, plans, activities, homework, teachers, events, etc.

*Come to school every day and arrive on time. Children attending school daily and arriving on time, do better academically and socially. Additionally, when you get children to school on time and bring them every day, you model the importance of getting an outstanding education and being responsible.

We want all of our students to have a great school year. Please contact me if you have questions, concerns, or ideas for our school.
Linda Kaye-Crowder