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Special Education

Our special day classes and resource program are an integral part of the Rosewood community. Our staff develops learning plans for each child as outlined in their Individualize Education Plan (IEP).

Rosewood has many fully-included special needs students who spend the entire day in general education. Our staff collectively understands that special education is a service; it is not a place.

During this time of Distance Learning, we continue to support our students with special needs.  For students participating in the following programs, please see the information below:


Resource Specialist Program

Resource Specialist Teachers may provide services “pushing in” to synchronous classes and co- teaching, collaborating, and/or consulting with the general education teachers during the scheduled planning time or office hours. Resource Specialist Teachers might also provide support to students in Zoom breakout rooms or in separate sessions between general education synchronous learning opportunities.


Special Day Program

Students receiving services through a special day class program will continue to receive instruction from a special day class teacher. Teachers will provide both synchronous (live) and asynchronous instruction to students.


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Sharon Langley, APEIS