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Mr. Jurado's Home Page 2016-2017

A SPECIAL " Thank you" For those parents who have made the start of the year a success!
One of my past classroom parents has started a classroom library. If you have any chapter books your child has read and no longer needs-
Please feel free to donate them to our classroom!

Also, I will be asking for donations to purchase one or two laptops, for the room
Daily, all my students will be using technology in the classroom!
I currently have a few older laptops that are not able to handle the speed and memory that the internet requires.
Please contact me if you have any current technology you want to contribute to our classroom. 
(Intel Core i3  or i5 laptops)  
Or if you would like to make a donation to purchase one.
100 hundred thanks!  Thank you!
  Salamat , 謝謝, Cracias, ありがとう,  Merci,
ขอบคุณ, 多謝 ,Grazie Tusind tak,
谢谢 רב תודות  ,



Part 3 "We are Scientist" 30 minutes into activity 3 mins long

Near conclusion of first day of Discovery time.

Part 2 "We are Scientist" 20 minutes into activity 3 mins long

Students have been working for twenty minutes and we revisit their progress and how they are guiding their own learning.    3 minutes long

We are Scientist! Intro video Part 1 Mr. Jurado 4 Mins

Video #1 "We are SCIENTIST!"     Discovery time! What is in our box?  What can I imagine doing with it?

Students are allowed to explore the materials without any instruction from the teacher or activity box.  Why?  So their imagination can run wild!  Group norms where discussed and modeled.   Then scientist were allowed to explore and share ideas.

What if we..?  How can we..? 

Observation note: 

Teacher is trying to talk over 24 Enthusiastic SCIENTIST.  It got very loud!