It's That Time of Year: Household Income Form for School Programs Funding (HIF)

Dear Parent/Guardian:
Our beloved school needs additional funds to support our students’ achievement and we are requesting your help. This year, we need all parents to complete a Household Income Form for School Programs Funding (HIF) for every child enrolled in our school. Please be assured that the information you provide on the HIF form will be kept completely confidential and will not be used for any other purpose.
Submission of completed Household Income Form (HIF) entitles our school to receive additional Federal and State monies based on the number of eligible students and helps our school in many ways. The more completed Household Income Forms(s) turned in, the more extra funds our school is eligible to receive. 
The HIF form can be completed online at or by submitting the attached orange Household Income Form (HIF). Completing the HIF form is not about meals, as all students at our school are entitled to free meals at school, regardless of family income. When completing the HIF form, please be sure to:
· Use black or blue ink.
· Complete Sections A, B and C of the HIF form.
· Remember to sign and date the HIF form.
· Return the completed HIF form to the school as soon as possible.
Thank you for completing the Household Income Form (HIF), which helps ensure that our school continues to receive the critical funding needed to serve our students. For more information or assistance in completing the HIF form, please call our Main Office (323) 651-0166. 
Thank you,
Mrs. Crowder

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