Device and Resource Distribution Schedule

We have not yet received some of the textbook shipments however I want to ensure that you have time to familiarize yourselves with the resources we are sending home.  I will need to schedule another pick up at a later date when the books arrive, but the texts will be available online.

Pulling the resources together is a painstaking task, therefore I thank you in advance for coming to the school during your child's assigned time. For the Student Items pick up we did our best to try to accommodate families with multiple children at Rosewood to have them available for one pick up.  Unfortunately we will not be able to do that for this pick up.  You must come on the day scheduled. 

Pull into the staff parking lot where you will be met by a staff member who will give you a clipboard with documents that will need to be completed and signed.  You will then be directed to the blue tent where your paperwork will be checked and you will receive your child's device to use during distance learning as well as textbooks, other learning materials, and things like colored pencils, crayons, etc.  DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. WEAR A MASK. PRACTICE SOCIAL DISTANCING.  


Distribution of Resources 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM:

Tuesday, August 11:  Ms. Lam and Ms. Hull

Wednesday, August 12:  Mrs. Dror, Mr. Grant

Thursday, August 13:  Mr. Jurado, Ms. Palermo-Gutierrez

Friday, August 14:   Ms. Alvarez, Mrs. Duque

Saturday, August 15:  Kinder students will receive their items at their testing appointment.

TBA:  Mr. Kano, Mrs. Dominguez, Ms. Chavez