Rosewood Avenue Elementary

Rosewood Parent Compact and LAUSD Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Rosewood Avenue Elementary

School for Advanced Studies

 Parent Involvement Policy 2016-2017


 School Responsibilities

Rosewood Avenue Elementary School will:

  1. Provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective

learning environment that enables the participating children to meet the

State’s student academic achievement standards as follows:

  • Highly Qualified Teachers
  • A Rigorous and Engaging Curriculum
  • Differentiation


  1. Hold parent-teacher conferences (at least annually in elementary schools)

during which this compact will be discussed as it relates to the individual

child’s achievement. Specifically, those conferences will be held:

  • During the 1st and 2nd reporting periods


  1. Provide parents with frequent reports on their children’s progress.

Specifically, the school will provide reports as follows:

  • Parents will have ongoing communication with their classroom teacher:  conferences, phone calls, notes, interactive journals, etc., as needed. 
  1. Provide parents reasonable access to staff. Specifically, staff will be available

for consultation with parents as follows:

  • Parents are asked to make appointments so the classroom teacher can ensure the parent concern is given appropriate attention.
  • Teachers will return phone calls within a 24 hour period.
  1. Provide parents opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s

class, and to observe classroom activities, as follows:

  • Rosewood has an open door policy and parents are strongly encouraged to take an active role in their child’s academic success.  Parents are also encouraged to take part in school activities and booster club activities.

 Parent Responsibilities

 We, as parents, will support our children’s learning in the following ways:

  • Monitoring attendance.
  • Making sure that homework is completed.
  • Monitoring amount of time child watches television..
  • Volunteering in my child’s classroom.
  • Participating, as appropriate, in decisions relating to my children’s education.
  • Promoting positive use of my child’s extracurricular time.
  • Go through my child’s backpack daily.
  • Read and respond to all school and district mailings promptly.
  • Ensure my child arrives to school on time.
  • Ensure that my child attends school for the entire school day.
  • Make every effort to schedule outside appointments, i.e. doctor, dentist, etc. after school hours.
  • Serving, to the extent possible, on policy advisory groups.

 Updated 8/24/16 at SSC meeting

Distributed 8/29/16