Rosewood Avenue Elementary

Back-to-School Updates

Good Evening Rosewood HUSKIES!  To follow are Back-To-School updates:

I am very excited to have my HUSKIES back in a few short days.  Please check the website regularly for updates and calendar changes.

To ensure a smooth beginning to the school year I ask that you label everything that you send to school with your child, including and most importantly your child’s backpack.  If your child should come home with an item that you did not purchase please return the item to the school site or contact Mrs. Crowder for guidance.  Our HUSKY traits have ‘honesty’ right at the top, and that is a trait that we focus on daily. 

Please encourage your child to keep his or her items within view if attending an after school program and refrain from sending your child to school with expensive items.

Additionally, please refrain from sending your child to school in expensive clothing as they are playing on the playground, painting, using markers, and again they are playing and learning social skills.  You will find that by sending your child to school in a uniform your mornings will be less stressful and you will not have to worry about purchasing the latest designer outfit or item for your child.  Students must also wear closed toed shoes to school daily.  Please refer to the school dress code for more information. 

As a reminder Rosewood is not responsible for lost or stolen items or items loaned by one child to another. 

On Saturday, August 12th the following activities will be taking place:

9:00am – 1:00pm:  Uniform Sale

9:00am:  Master Plan Options Meeting (appropriate for all those with English learners)

10:00am:  New Family Orientation and TK/K students will be tested

Everyone should have received a Parent Homework Packet, so please find the time to read the information and make sure that the items that need to get returned to school are returned in a timely manner, particularly the Emergency Form.

Have a great week and please begin reminding your HUSKY to Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and of course to make good choices.